Maui was the first county in Hawaii to ban single-use plastic bags in 2008, and the law went into effect in Jan. 2011 (Read More). Surfrider's Maui Chapter supported the bill and was part of the coalition to help pass it into law (Read More). Surfrider activist Pasha Reshikov created a powerful short film MANA KAI that explores the relationship of humans and the ocean, while showcasing plastic pollution effects on the island. 

More info at Mana Kai Films 

My creative process on Mana Kai was to focus on the idea that our unconscious habits of plastic use are short sighted (an avg. plastic bag use is 40minutes, while it could take hundreds of years for that bag to fully decompose in the ocean). A lot of people don’t know or thing about where their plastic bags, bottles and packaging goes after they use it, so to connect those dots through images I went to the landfills and creeks where I saw overwhelming amounts of plastic trash, dead birds, etc. I was making this short film in my free time, it stretched over a year and so I was able to capture Maui’s main landfill fence a year after island wide plastic bag ban, and it was like day and night. It really put things in perspective on what is possible when the community takes a stand and changes its patterns. I hope that this short film will inspire the viewers to take responsibility for their actions and choices they make each day as consumers, individually and collectively.
— Pasha Reshikov