With A Kite takes an inside look at the most influential contest in the sport of kiteboarding via the perspective of pro rider Davey Blair and his fellow brotherhood of some of the world's best riders. Shot on location in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Nitro City Panama, Hood River, Oregon, Tampa, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina, the film opens with narration by Sir Richard Branson as the history of human flight via kite unfolds through stunning watercolor animation. The film then follows the riders on their annual pilgrimage to the 2013 Triple S Invitational with a few side trips to Nitro City, Hood River and Florida to spend some quality time with our core characters in a few of the world's greatest kite destinations 

How often do we get a new movie dedicated to the magnificent sport of kiteboarding?! This documentary is sure to be entertaining to the seasoned kiteboarder, those interested in getting their start as well as those who have been dazzled by the sport or lifestyle, alike. Come enjoy this pre-release screening and mingling party with other like-minded peeps riding a similar proverbial wave! 

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