Surfrider Milwaukee hosted a workshop, Nov 14-15, in Shorewood, WI. In a gathering marked equally by work and play, four of the five Great Lakes chapters were represented. Besides Milwaukee, Chicago was in the house, along with Lake Michigan (Grand Haven), and the SE Michigan guys (over by Detroit). It was a fruitful, enjoyable communion of like-minded activists. Mostly, it was a chance for a group of chapters, united by a common interest in the Great Lakes, to finally meet one another, and learn about each other's regional issues and concerns.

One of the significant developments from the workshop was to form a tangible alliance of GL chapters going forward, in order to share information specific to the GL, and find common causes to join forces on. Newly-formed chapters are also able to interface with more established chapters, and learn a few tricks for viability and survival. (And how to build the roster of volunteers).

The first campaign we are considering getting involved with is shutting down Enbridge Line 5 – a Canadian crude oil pipeline that runs along the bottom of the Lake up near the Straits. The company has a very shaky safety record, marked by massive pipeline breakdowns and spills. That particular pipe has now exceeded its lifespan. (What could go wrong, you ask?)

Thanks to the Milwaukee crew for being great hosts, and Sarah D for pulling it all together. Historic.