Chicago Chapter Featured Presenter At SF East Coast Conference

At the Surfrider East Coast Chapter’s Conference (Oct 12-14) in Virginia Beach, VA, the issues facing the Great Lakes got a center stage spot in the scheduling. Amid a weekend dedicated to matters of importance relating to East Coast chapters (offshore drilling, rising sea levels and encroachment/retreat exploration, water quality), the attendees got a nice little primer on what the Chicago chapter’s been up to.

Using the legal action against US Steel as a jumping off point, Chair Mitch McNeil created a video that gave the audience a succinct backstory on the events leading up to where the litigation stands today. The presentation also provided some Great Lakes-centric information that could be useful to folks living along the eastern seaboard. The theme? Getting involved and active locally, while remaining open to the possibilities that present themselves, and the partnerships that arise in the process, can yield surprisingly beneficial results for a chapter.